Journalists & media staff killed list in 2016


30 November 2016

20 sport journalists from Brazil were among the 75 victims of the ill-fated plane carrying the players of the Brazilian football team Chapecoense which crashed near the Colombian city of Medellin. Chapecoense was flying to Colombia to play the final match of Copa Sur Americana against Atlético Nacional de Colombia. The plane took off in Sao Paulo, stopped in Bolivia on the way to its final destination in Medellin. According to reports, there were six survivors, journalist Rafael Henzel of Radio Oeste, three football players and two members of the crew. The journalists who died in the plane crash are: Victorino Chermont (Fox Sports Brasil), Rodrigo Santana Gonçalves (Fox Sports Brasil), Devair Paschoalon (Fox Sports Brasil), Lilacio Pereira Jr. ...

Russian Federation

29 December 2016

Nine members of the Russian media were aboard the jet which crashed into the Black Sea on 25 December, killing 92 people aboard. They included crews from Channel One (correspondent Dmitry Runkov , cameraman Vadim Denisov and sound engineer Alexandre Soydov ), NTV Channel ( correspondent Michael Luzhetsky , operator Oleg Pestov and sound engineer Eugene Tolstov ) and Zvezda TV (correspondent Pavel Obukhov , cameraman Alexander Suranov and assistant cameraman Valery Rzhevsky ).