29 May 2013

The International Federation of Journalists campaigns globally so that the fundamental rights and freedoms of journalists are respected and enforced locally.

A press freedom violation can be impunity for an assassin who kills an investigative journalist, intimidates and silences his/her colleagues. It can be the knock on the door from the police, bringing in a reporter to question her on her sources, or put her in jail with or without a proper trial. It can be a restrictive media law, which puts the power over editorial content into the hands of censors and press courts.

Over the past 12 years more than 1.000 journalists and media staff have been killed in the line of duty. They died because someone did not like what they wrote or said, or because they were in the wrong place in the wrong time. It is estimated that, out ten cases of journalists, only two are investigated and those responsible prosecuted.

This culture of impunity is the single biggest contributing factor to the levels of violence against journalists which have reached their historic high over the last decade.

The International Federation of Journalists monitors press freedom violations and campaigns for greater safety and for a focus on the in-country journalists and freelances who are at greatest risk and who have the least protection.

This is done in cooperation with the member unions around the world, and with other organisations such as IFEX.

The IFJ also advocates for the protection of journalists and an end to impunity within the international system such as the United Nations and its agencies, mainly the Office of the High Commission for Human Rights and UNESCO.