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IFJ Condemns Attack on TV station in Ukraine

05 September 2016

Reports said that a group of around 20 activists staged a rally yesterday in Kiev outside the headquarters of a private TV station, Inter TV, set tyres on fire and threw a bomb into the premises, causing a fire which damaged the first and second floor.

The Independent Media Trade Union of Ukraine (IMTUU), an IFJ/EFJ affiliate, reported that one Inter TV's journalist rs, Olena Zorina, was seriously injured in the back while escaping from the fire. Others suffered from smoke inhalation and at least 30 people were evacuated. The station continued broadcasting from mobile facilities outside the building. Six people have been arrested, media reports added.

The TV channel is regarded by many Ukrainians as having Russian links and supporting Kremlin policy in Ukraine. Since the beginning of 2016 it has been attacked four times, media said.

Read the IFJ/EFJ's full statement here