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01 February 2018

The lifeless bodies of the two media professionals were found in the municipality of Mazatenango with torture signs and their hands and feet tied after they went missing on 28 January. ...

06 November 2016

The 28-year-old TV presenter at Canal 5 of the show called Punto Rojo was shot dead with his wife in the city of Coatepeque, south west of Guatemala. Unidentified gunmen open fire on the couple who were riding a motorbike.

04 September 2016

The 35-year-old cameraman for Canal 21 was gunned down in the municipality of Santa Maria Xalapán, Jalapa Department. The victim was shot near a community assembly where he was a participant. ...

26 June 2016

The Director of a local radio ‘Illusion’ was gunned down in the municipality of Coatepeque located in the Department of Quetzaltenango . ...

07 June 2016

The 65-year-old veteran TV presenter at Chiquimula de Visión was shot and killed by people on a motorbike near his home in the municipality of Chiquimula, east of the country while he was out exercising.

30 April 2016

The 22-year-old staff of Radio Sembrador, a community radio in Playa Grande, was murdered by gunmen as he was riding his motorbike. The radio station had been receiving threats since 2015.

17 March 2016

The 32-year-old Director of Radio Estéreo Azúcar was shot dead in Asunción Mita, located in southern Jutiapa Department. Gunmen on a motorbike opened fire on the journalist as he was sitting in his car.

13 March 2015

The 42-year-old cameraman and host of a local cable television show in Suchitepequez, a province located 150 kilometers (93 miles) east of Guatemala City, was gunned down by a group of armed men. ...

10 March 2015

Gunmen on motorbike shot dead Danilo Zapón López , a eporter for Prensa Libre newspaper and Federico Salazar who worked for Radio Nuevo Mundo as they walked in the park in Mazatenango city, Southern Guatemala, according to reports. ...

07 April 2013

The director of Radio Stereo Café and owner of the TV cable channel Café TV was killed in the department of Jutiapa, near the Salvadoran border, according to the Guatemalan Information Centre. ...