Safety of Journalists > Targeted and cross fire killings


07 December 2016

According to media reports, 38-year-old al-Obeidi was gunned down by unidentified men driving a car, while on his way to work in the city centre. ...

22 October 2016

The cameraman for Alsoumariya TV, was killed in the south of Mosul while covering the military offensive to take back control of the city from the IS.

21 October 2016

The journalist working for Turkmen Eli TV channel was killed by a gunshot to the chest from a sniper during the raid of the so - called Islamic State (IS) on the city of Kirkuk in Northern Iraq, currently controlled by government’s forces.

09 October 2016

Nabil Mohamed , a cameraman and his colleague sound engineer Ahmed Al Hadidi both working for Mosulia TV were kidnaped by the so-called Islamic State (IS) and later executed reportedly after being accused of revealing information about the te ...

20 August 2016

The sound engineer for Alahad TV was killed while covering the operation of the Iraqi army to liberate the city of Khalidiya city in the north of al Anbar province.

14 August 2016

The cameraman for Kurdistan TV was killed in a mortar attack on the village near the Iraqi city of Mosul which had been retaken by the Persmerga forces from the so-called Islamic State. ...

13 August 2016

The reporter for Roj News Agency was was kidnapped in the Malta neighbourhood of Duhok on 13 August and his body was found a few hours later dumped on the Semel-Duhok road. ...

13 July 2016

The cameraman for Al-Ghadeer TV was killed in the Qayyarah area to the north of Baghdad when a roadside bomb hit the car he was travelling in with other journalists was, media reports said. ...

13 July 2016

The freelance journalist was killed while covering the battle in Al Shirqat, according to the the Iraqi Journalists' Syndicate, an IFJ affiliate.

15 June 2016

The 45-year-old photographer, who was employed by Iraq's Interior Ministry elite forces and contributed to other news outlets, was killed by a mortar round during fighting in Fallujah in the Iraqi province of Al Anbar. ...