Naseeb Miloud Karfana

29 May 2014

The body of the TV journalist based in the southern city of Sabha, was found together with her fiancé’s in the city’s northern Al-Hay Al-Jadida district. Her throat had been cut and she appeared to have been tortured.

At the time of her death, Karfana was working for the state-owned TV station Libya Al-Wataniya as its programme coordinators in Sabha for the past eight months, the station’s director, Ali Shaniber, quoted as saying.

Karfana left the TV station at about 7 p.m. with her fiancé, who came to collect her in his car, to attend a friend’s wedding together. When she failed to arrive home, her mother contacted the TV station, where an employee confirmed that Karfana had left. Relatives said Karfana and her fiancé had recently received repeated threats from an unidentified person.

Source: RSF