Alonso de la Colina Noriega

15 April 2013

The journalist for La Vanguardia newspaper was killed in the city of Puebla, media reports said. He had worked as a news presenter for a local TV station called Hechos Guerrero TV in the state of Guerrero, one of the regions in Mexico which had been affected by violence generated by organised crime groups.

The 50- year old journalist was shot in the chest as he left the bank in a shopping center in the city of Puebla, according to the Office of the State Prosecutor quoted by media. The Director of the Ministerial Police, Juan Luis Galán reportedly said that the journalist “was approached in the parking lot of the shopping plaza by a man who was about 1.80 meters tall and robust”. “He fired twice into the air to scare him and then killed him,” he said.

Security staff at the shopping plaza attended to the journalist, but they were unable to revive him and he died minutes after the shooting, according to initial investigations.

De La Colina had quit his job at Hechos Guerrero TV, in February and announced his intentions to pursue other interests.

Source: Borderland Beat