​Moises Sanchez Cerezo

02 January 2015

The body of the editor of a small publication, La Union, in Medellin a town of the Veracruz state , east of Mexico, was found in Fabio Altamirano wrapped up in a bag, according to officials quoted in media. Sanchez was abducted by armed men at his home on 2 January.

The authorities told reporters that a former policeman confessed to his involvement in the journalist's murder and indicated where his body was. He reportedly accused the deputy head of the local police in the town of Medellin, Martin Lopez Meneses, of killing Sanchez the day he was abducted. Meneses also happened to be the official driver of the city mayor, Omar Cruz whom prosecutors suspected of being the master minder of Sanchez's murder.

Sanchez had received death threats for exposing abuse of power and connections between police and drug traffickers. Several police officers have been arrested, as part of the investigation into the abduction and murder of the journalist.