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Waqas Aziz Khan, Khalid Khan, Ashraf Arian

17 January 2014

The three Express News employees, technician Waqas Aziz Khan, driver Khalid Khan and security guard Ashraf Arian were fired upon as they sat in an Express TV van. A fourth staff member, a cameraman, was reportedly injured but in a stable condition.

Express News bureau chief Aslam Khan said the van was parked near the Matric Board Office in Nazimabad for a routine assignment when four gunmen on two motorbikes approached the stationary vehicle and opened fire through the window.

The three men were shot multiple times from close range and died soon after. Law enforcers found at least 17 shell casings from 9mm and 32-bore pistols at the crime scene. The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) claimed responsibility for the attack.

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