Fausto Gabriel Alcaraz

16 May 2014

The 28-year-old journalist for Radio Amambay was shot dead in the crime -ridden city of Pedro Juan Caballero bordering Brazil, reports said.

According to police sources, the journalist was shot 2 times by unidentified gunmen who opened fire on him as he returned home, before fleeing on a motorcycle.

The Journalists' Syndicate of Paraguay (SPP), an IFJ affiliate, organised a protest in front of the Interior Ministry in Asuncion, demanding that the government solve the murder of Alcaraz, who was known for his reports on drug trafficking.

The SPP General Secretary Vicente Paez said that Alcaraz had made several reports on drug-trafficking rings and their connections with institutions of the provincial administration.

Paez and other SPP leaders met with Javier Ibarra, deputy minister of Internal Security at the Interior Ministry and later told the Spanish news agency, EFE, that "We asked him to see to it that the crime against our colleague is cleared up and he told us that the ministry has designated a special team of police to find out what happened."

Sources: Huffington Post, Fox News Latino