​Melinda Magsino-Lubis

13 April 2015

The 41-year-old was gunned down at midday by two assailants on a motorbike as she walked along the street. She died on the spot. She worked as a correspondent of the Philippine Daily Inquirer in Batangas and received death threats in 2005 after she reported on local corruption involving the Batangas Governor Armando Sanchez.

Following the death threats in 2005, Magsino left her post with the Philippine Daily Inquirer. In the years that followed she had worked with the Philippine Centre for Investigative Journalism and TV5, as well as starting a blog ( with a number of Batangas journalists, the most recent post was from September 2014. More recently, Magsino had not been actively reporting, yet remained active on social media commenting on social issues before her death.