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The IFJ Safety Fund

The Safety Fund is an integral part of the IFJ Safety Programme which includes casework, protests, campaigns, provision of information and production of various publications.

As the Safety Fund provides immediate financial relief to a particular journalist, the Safety Programme strives all year round to highlight and improve the plight of all journalists.

The IFJ Safety Fund can only continue to assist journalists if its future is secured. In order to go out, money must come in.

But, most importantly, it is a Fund that must provide help to those who need it most. Going forward, we intend to make sure that we get the message out to those who have suffered and face a bleak future: you are not alone – the IFJ Safety fund is there to help.

It is worth recalling that the International Safety Fund is built on contributions by journalists. The Fund is based on the principle of support from ordinary members of IFJ affiliates.

That is why fundraising strategies must be based upon activities and events involving members either in their workplace or when they are in contact with the union.

Members can also donate a small amount from their monthly pay on a regular basis.