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Journalists & media staff killed list in 2017


03 February 2017

The local correspondent of the Bangla-language daily Samakal, was shot i n the face while covering clashes between two factions of the ruling party, the Awami League, on Thursday 2 February during which gunshots were fired. He was admitted to a local hospital in a critical condition. He died on Friday on the way to capital Dhaka, where he was being taken for further treatment. His condition deteriorated mid-way and he was taken to a hospital in Tangail, central Bangladesh, where he succumbed to his injuries.

Burma (Myanmar)

16 April 2017

The 27-year-old weekly magazine editor at the Iron Rose was found dead at the publications offices in Rangoon’s Pazundaung Township. Heinn published a number of articles that have been critical of the elites in Myanmar particularly the military, business and government. Police captain Yin Htwe told Reuters that Heinn was stabbed 15 times in the chest and abdomen. The exact date of his murder is unknown as it was neighbors who contacted the publication’s chief editors, complaining of an odor coming from the publications office. A determination is currently being made as to when the killing took place. Iron Rose was known to be critical of Myanmar's establishment, including its recent stories about Myanmar's former ruling generals and businessmen connected to them.

Dominican Republic

14 February 2017

Luís Manuel Medina, the presenter of the news programme Milenio Caliente – or Hot Millennium – was killed while on air at the radio station FM 103.5 when gunmen opened fire during a news bulletin which was being broadcast on Facebook Live. Producer and director Leo Martínez was also shot dead in an adjacent office at the radio station FM 103.5. Gunfire could be heard during the Facebook Live video, along with a woman yelling “Shots! Shots! Shots!” before the transmission abruptly cuts off. The station secretary Dayaba Garcia was also injured in the attack and taken to hospital where she needed emergency surgery. Police said the shooting occurred in San Pedro de Macorís, a small city 45 miles east of the capital, Santo Domingo. ...


17 January 2017

Igor Padilla The 36-year-old TV news presenter for Canal HCH and well-known crime report was fatally injured when four unidentified gunmen opened fire on him in Suyapa, an area of San Pedro Sula as we he filming a TV documentary on violence against journalists in the country. According to reports, Padilla received a phone call and stepped on the street to take it when the four attackers, allegedly in police uniform, shot him with high velocity weapons. He was taken to hospital with multiples injuries but died on the way. 18 have been arrested in connection with the journalist’s murder and two have reportedly confessed to their involvement, reports added. ...


25 February 2017

The 30-year-old female reporter working for Iraqi Kurdish channel Rudaw was killed in the explosion of a roadside bomb while covering fighting between government forces and jihadists in Mosul, the AFP quoted her channel as saying. Her cameraman was also injured and received treatment at a local hospital. Source: AFP


02 March 2017

The editor of La Voz de la Tierra Caliente and contributor to La Jornada Guerrero newspaper was shot dead by two youths riding a motorbike in the city of Altamirano, Guerrero State. The crime reporter, who also contributed to El Universo and had reportedly received death threats from organised crime groups, recently revealed the involvement of a PRI representative in drug trafficking. In September, 2015, Birto was attacked by two armed men outside his home and one suspect was detained in 2016 in connection with the attack.

19 March 2017

The 57-year-old director of the El Politico magazine and columnist for El Sol de Córdoba and el Diario de Xalapa was shot dead in the Mexican state of Veracruz while he was with his family. Monlui served as President of the Association of Journalists and Photographers de Córdoba and was the leader of a national union for sugar cane farmers, whose members have been victims of attacks in recent years.


16 April 2017

The journalist who worked for state-owned Radio Glory FM 97.1 was killed by two unidentified gunmen who broke into his home in Yenagoa, a local government area in the Bayelsa State, and shot him several times in the stomach.


12 February 2017

The 22-year-old assistant cameraman of privately-owned Samaa TV news channel, was shot in his head and chest when he was traveling in the Digital Satellite News Gathering (DSNG) van in north Nazimabad to report on an attack on the police. He was taken to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital where he died from his injuries. The unidentified assailants on a motorbike had thrown an explosive device on a police armored personnel carrier, and had started shooting when the Samaa TV van arrived.

12 January 2017

Unidentified gunmen shot dead the journalist of Qudrat, the local Urdu language newspaper in Pakistan's troubled southwestern Balochistan province, close to Afghan and Iranian border, according to AFP quoting police sources 37-year-old Jan was shot while on his way home on a motorcycle in Qalat district, some 160 kilometres south of Quetta, the provincial capital. "Two attackers on motorcycle opened fire on him, using a pistol and killing him on the spot," senior police officer Muhammad Ali told AFP. Jan was also working as a press secretary for the Balochistan media council. Source: AFP


13 March 2017

The columnist for the tabloid Remate was killed by assailants on a motorbike who shot him four times in the back. Brinoes, popularly known as ‘Dos por Dos’ after the radio show he used to host, was a hard-hitting journalist, having also published the local Masbate Tribune. In 2000, Brinoes was sentenced to 12 years in jail after been found guilty of six libel charges. He served five year of the sentence, after which he was released on parole in 2005. Following his release, he was harassed and intimidated by the local authorities, including in 2009 when the Masbate provincial vice governor brought a lawsuit against him. The vice governor filed libel allegations against the then editor the Masbate Tribune.

Russian Federation

19 April 2017

The 73-year-old co-founder of the weekly newspaper Novy Petersburg, who was attacked in St. Petersburg on 9 March by unidentified assailants and had remained unconscious at the hospital since then, died of his wounds. According to Radio Free Europe,quoting Andrushchenko's colleagues and lawyer , the veteran journalist underwent surgery after the attack and initially had been connected to a ventilator but was later able to breathe on his own. However, they said he never regained consciousness and died on April 19. His attackers have not been found. ...